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Talking Lands

Talking Lands: The project Talking Lands: The project

Talking Lands: talks between the lands of Apulia and Greece

GRECIA – ITALIA 2007-2013

The area of cooperation:
Western Greece Region: Prefectures of Etoloakarnania, Achaia.
Ionian Islands Region: Prefectures of Corfù, Lefkada, Cephalonia, Zakynthos.
Epirus Region: Prefectures of Ioannina, Preveza, Thesprotia, Arta.
Apulia Region: Province of Bari, Brindisi, Lecce
Neighbouring areas eligible to the project: Prefectures of Ilia, Province of Taranto and Foggia.

Strategic aim of the Program:
The enhancement of the competitiveness and territorial cohesion, a sustainable development within the area of the programme in order to link the potentialities of both coasts of the maritime border.
Managing Authority: Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Republic of Greece.

The project envisages the desire to capitalize good practices carried out during the first edition of Pic Interreg IIIA Grecia Italia 2000-2006 “TALKING LANDS– Talks between the lands of Apulia and Greece”, in which theatrical workshops, narrative events, theatre seasons and the ROOM of TALKING LANDS placed in Monopoli, have been implemented.
Municipality of Monopoli – Lead Partner
Municipality of Fasano
Municipality of Grottaglie
Region of Ionian Islands
Municipality of Parga
Western Greece Region
Apulian Public Theatre Consortium

Two lands, Apulia and Greece, divided by the Great Sea but tied together with the invisible thread of the history that brings forgotten similarities back for people of today: a prayer, a lullaby, the architecture of a church, the taste of bread with olive oil.
In this way, through this rediscovery, two lands divided by different languages find common roots. Far lands that open an intercultural dialogue in order to achieve a bigger goal: the openness to the other, the openness to the different, without the fear of losing our identity, because in these roots we find the same seeds that our fathers disseminated in the name of peace and brotherhood.
Following the thread of the history, within Talking lands project- Talks between the lands of Apulia and Greece, the communities involved will be able to tell, thanks to the narration of life tales, moments impressed only in the memory that come out through the storytelling.
Activities will be managed by authors and storytellers with strengthened experience. It offers an opportunity for small and medium-sized theatre companies that have to tackle daily difficulties in finding available markets, in order to face different audiences, national and international, to create innovative and appreciable performances.

  • workshops led by theatrical companies related to themes about legends, local traditions and cultural links between Greek and Italian territories;
  • the co-production of narrative events thanks to the collaboration with authors, artists, cultural associations, local actors (Greek and Italian) about a common theme related to Italian and Greek traditions, as the outcome of literary researches aimed to identify the main narrative features of the territories, an exchange of experience and a mutual understanding aimed to the professional and artistic growth;
  • theatrical season in each project partner-town, where the narrative events will be performed;
  • a DVD (in three languages: Italian-Greek- English) aimed to be broadcast on local TV stations, in which shows, backstage, researches and workshops will be filmed;
  • online journal related to the narrative themes developed by literary researches on Greek and Italian legends and traditions;
  • literary meetings that will take place in Italy and Greece with authors, as moments of reflection with cultural stakeholders, directors, musicians, film-makers, storytellers.



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