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Like many towns of Southern Italy, Fasano is characterized by an old historical centre where, within its walls, there are tiny streets, whitewash walls, arches and small squares. The first settlement of the town of Fasano was Casale di Santa Maria de Fajano, built in 1088 by people who left Egnatia’ ruins. In the 14th century, Knights of Malta’s feud, Fasano is today a tourist town with a long experience in craftsmanship and agriculture. With its fresh, genuine and good products, typical of Mediterranean cuisine, local food is simple and tasty. Thanks to its fortunate position, between the hills and the sea, thanks to its rich and fertile soil and a particular mild climate, Fasano offers a wide range of agricultural products. Extra- virgin olive oil has always been the most important farming in this area, an excellent product made within numerous local olive-oil mills which modern techniques of production are the expression of the historical traditions handed down since the underground oil mills within the rupestrian settlements. Its hills, once covered with oaks and Mediterranean scrub, become a garden with villas and ancient trulli. Its coast still presents a natural and unspoiled environment. Buildings, hotels and private houses are mainly concentrated in two sea- villages of Savelletri and Torre Canne, so that many large areas on the coast are left free; suitable for diving and sunbathing. The olive trees that touch the sea and the reef with its sandy creeks and crystalline waters reveal all its beauty.






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