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“The Sleeping workshop”, six plays between Greece and Italy   “The Sleeping workshop”, six plays between Greece and Italy - venerdì 12 luglio 2013
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“The Sleeping workshop”, six plays between Greece and Italy
Grottaglie (on 29th  July), Monopoli (on 30th  July) and Fasano (on 31st  July)
Within the project “Talking Lands”, financed by the EU Programme INTERREG “Greece- Italy 2007-2013” whose Italian partners are Apulian Public Theatre, the Municipality of Grottaglie, the Municipality of Fasano and the Municipality of Monopoli  (as Lead partner) ; and the Greek Partners, the Region of Ionian Islands, the Region of Western Greece and the Municipality of Parga, the theatrical company “Teatro della Fede” of Grottaglie and the Public Theatre of Kerkyra (Corfù) have co-produced and will play the show named ”The Sleeping workshop”. The performance, in which the Apulian director Alfredo Traversa tells about the stories, people, the pottery- objects of Grottaglie, will make its debut at Palazzo Reale in Corfù on Friday the 19th of July. Just in Corfù, where for many years potters from Grottaglie have settled many pottery- factories. A new way to export the products of their own land: their storytelling.

The common thread of the show in which Traversa doesn’t miss to analyze also the historical period that links Greece and Italy. Emblematic is the story of a young man who quits the pottery- workshop to work at Ilva.  In 1997, Traversa himself opened a pottery -workshop (now closed) in the old “Quartiere delle ceramiche” that gave that name in order to indicate those cultural skills, peculiar of a job and a world for many people unknown .The name of the show derives from this Traversa’s initiative. So, the Theatre becomes not only an entertainment event, but also the mean aimed to disseminate the added value of an activity that let Grottaglie know all over the world. The pottery, or at best, the life, the soul and the culture of people who land at Greece with the aim of pointing out the cultural and institutional backwardness that links two peoples for immemorial time joined together  like Siamese twins but very distant in terms of cooperation. The Theatre represents also the possibility to wake up from a long sleep. “The Sleeping workshop” is a place of awakening and awareness about the cultural opportunities that this territory of Magna Graecia has in order to become a flywheel. This theatrical project is thought to be a workshop always open, in which different points of view on the ancient and modern pottery can meet together, because the pottery is still one of the means to hand our history and contemporary events  on, among different peoples. A project aimed to “Talking Lands”, in which the Municipality of Grottaglie is the author of the first effort aimed to disseminate the cultural heritage, the pottery, through the stage. After the date of the 19th of July, the show will be played again: in Parga on the 20th and in Patra on the 21st of July. After the shows in Greece, the company will move to Apulia region for three replicas: on the 29th at Castello of Grottaglie; on the 30th of July in Monopoli at “Musica d’Attracco” and on the 31st in Fasano at Teatro Sociale.

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