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“Outis Suite”, a multimedia- synopsis from the Odyssey   “Outis Suite”, a multimedia- synopsis from the Odyssey - domenica 23 giugno 2013
Pubblicato da: sante.scarafino
Categorie: Monopoli - Theatrical season, Grottaglie - Theatrical season, Fasano - Events of narration, Fasano - Theatrical season, Western Greece - Events of narration

“Outis Suite”, a multimedia- synopsis from the Odyssey
Three shows: Grottaglie ( on the 28th June), Fasano (on the 29th  June) and Monopoli (on the 30th  June) 
Within the 2nd edition of the project “Talking lands: talks between the lands of Apulia and Greece”, financed by European Territorial Transborder Cooperation Programme Greece- Italy 2007-20013, on Sunday the 30th of June at 9 p.m., at the mixed-use building “Musica d’Attracco” in via Procaccia in Monopoli-  the show “Outis Suite”, a multimedia- synopsis from the Odyssey of Homer will be played. It is co-produced by “Babele” Cultural Association and the regional and Public Theatre of Patra. After playing the show in Corfù, Parga and Patra in Greece , and in Grottaglie (on the 28th June) and Fasano (on the 29th June), the theatrical tour comes to the end  in Monopoli, Lead Partner of the project. The show is named “Outis Suite”, because is a sequence of the most important adventures of the Homeric hero. Οὖτις – derives from the ancient Greek language and means “Nobody”; the name used by Ulysses aimed to identify himself in order to cheat Polyphemus. However, Ulysses doesn’t want to cheat the horrific son of Poseidon only, but also he wants to express a sort of anonymity, an egalitarian principle against all the men obliged- in spite of their denial- to face with the adversities of life. In this way, he becomes a lower –in- status  persecuted by Fate but at the same time let the entire mankind be the architect of their own destiny, once capable of coping with it and then capable of modifying it . For this reason, Ulysses is a modern hero, dramatic but not tragic, an example not only for his bravery, his wisecrack, piousness and unselfishness, but also for his proud, for the rightness of his revenge. The show puts the highlights- through the music, pictures, videos, sounds and drama - on the most fascinating adventures of the son of Laertes and it is inspired by the most exciting and deep impressive aspects, without ignoring a substantial levity, full of bitter irony and light-hearted objectiveness, as if he is a great author of the XIXth century- a real revolutionary of the international literature- he teaches us how to read the Homeric poem.




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