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“A tribute to the Aegean” with Sakis Papadimitriou & Georghia Sylleou   “A tribute to the Aegean” with Sakis Papadimitriou & Georghia Sylleou - martedì 21 maggio 2013
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“A tribute to the Aegean” with Sakis Papadimitriou & Georghia Sylleou
On Saturday May 18th at Charles the fifth Castle
Within the project “Talking Lands” on Saturday the 18th at Charles the fifth Castle in Monopoli at 20.30. “A tribute to the Aegean” , a concert of popular songs from Greece and the Aegean Sea with Sakis Papadimitriou & Georghia Sylleou will be held. It is an open and unusual interpretation, but similar to the old original ones. The scheduled songs are: Mareggio ( a popular song from the Aegean Sea), “Tree of lemons” ( a traditional love song from Epirus), Mourmouriko ( a famous rebetikì song), “The dance of the aunt” ( traditional satirical song in the dialect of Lesbos isle), “To the Muse” (a famous hymn to the Muse, I cent. a. C.), “the Epitaph of Sikilos” ( a funeral poetry dated to the  I cent. A. C.), “Crazy gipsy” (  old popular song).

SAKIS PAPADIMITRIOU- Is a journalist, writer and musician. He worked for a long time at Hellenic National Radio Station. He was the composer of many musical pieces for theatre and he is a greatest jazz musician in his country. He recorded 15 tracks and two double music- albums. He played in many important festivals, jazz as well, all over the world. He focused his researches on the recovery of Greek and Aegean popular music, thanks also to the enchanting voice of Georgia Sylleou.

GEORGHIA SYLLEOU - She studied music and singing in Greece, Austria and Netherlands. She worked as a solo-artist at the national Orchestra of Thessaloniki, at the Orchestra and Chorus of the Hellenic Radio, in many important ensembles and in many relevant festivals all over the world. She’s interested in the use of the voice within the contemporary music. Her first book of short tales entitled “At the Cape”, is been published in 2012 .

The event is planned by “Donne per la città”- Presidio del Libro di Monopoli- Cultural Association.




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