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The twentieth century musical lexis- Wednesday, April the 10th   The twentieth century musical lexis- Wednesday, April the 10th - lunedì 8 aprile 2013
Pubblicato da: sante.scarafino
Categorie: Grottaglie - Literary meetings

From Greek Literature to the music, through food: this is the third event of Talking Lands project in Grottaglie, for which the beautiful frame of Casa Vestita within “Quartiere delle Ceramiche” will be again the setting in which the literary meeting will be held. The topic will be “Lessico Musicale del ‘900” (the Twentieth century musical lexis”)-  Progedit Ed., 2011, by Pierfranco Moliterni, who will be interviewed by Maria Grazia Deana Ciracì.
Moliterni teaches History of Modern and Contemporary music, History of Music Drama and methodologies in musical Communication at University of Bari “A.Moro”. He is specialized in the XVIIth - XVIIIth century music History and planning of the performance. He is author of numerous publications about these topics. “Lessico musicale del ‘900” ( “the Twentieth century musicallexis”) is an answer to many questions that the musical complexity of the last century includes such as: what does it mean today when we speak about classical music? What does it mean “musica leggera”? What do they mean dodecaphony and minimalism? What is “aesthetic” for the music in a film? What and how Schoenberg and Stravinskij, Nono and Berio, Boulez and Cage wrote the XIXth century- music? Very interesting is the link as in the dissertation as in the final chronology between the music and other artistic expressions such as cinema, painting, literature that just in the twentieth century were reciprocally influenced and produced an extraordinary creative season.
Ciracì lives in Grottaglie. She took her degree at “G.B. Martini” Conservatory in Bologna, she works in many theatres and lyrical foundations; she sings in Arena di Verona chorus. The programme of the meeting is particularly packed. According to the field of INTERREG Greece Italy in which Talking Lands project is implemented, in the second half of the evening, Greek and Magna Graecia musical culture will be the protagonists with their influences and mixtures with Salento popular music thanks to many peculiar musical instruments such as: pandourion, tambouras, bouzouki, cretan lyra that will be showed and played. Words, pictures and sounds will be mixed together. The other participants will be:
-the exuberant and well-educated doctor and musician and great collector of musical instruments, Francesco Spada (who said that medicine and music don’t constitute an antinomy at all!); 
- Mauro Semeraro born in Egypt, he lives in Ostuni, he graduated from Universidade de Coimbra with a specialization in pipe-organ and Ethnomusicology at University of  Bologna. Semeraro speaks fluently Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and other 4 languages;
- Antongiulio Galeandro was born and  lives in Ostuni. He is specialized in traditional music and he is very interested in each kind of popular musical traditions; the main instrument he plays is the accordion. He is the author of many music pieces for films, documentaries, theatre and contemporary dance;
- Daria Spada, opera singer, she studied at “G. Verdi” Conservatory of Torino. Graduated in Communication studies, she is planner at  Kismet Theatre in Bari. She ‘s also interested in civilian art at juvenile correctional Institution “Fornelli”  in  Bari.
- Maksim Cristian, writer, author for theatre, musician. The event will be led by Ms. Silvia Vinci (Egyptology’s expert) for Presidio del Libro of Grottaglie.




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